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Old Man Fuck – Lost Boyfriend

This 71 years old guy got every old man’s dream came true, an perfect old man fuck. He had this 19 years old hottie working for him and cleaning his house twice a week. She worked for him for a while know and he noticed her amazing body and those delicious curves, but never had the gut to try something on her. He knew that she had a serious relationship for a while now, so he minded his own business. But the other day when she came to work all cried out, he knew something wasn’t right and she probably fight with her boyfriend. After talking with her, he found out that she actually broke up with her man, because she found him cheating on her with her best friend.


He didn’t want to get in all that drama, instead he offered to comfort her in these hard time. After she saw how nice he was with her, she wanted to thank him but in a special way. So while he went to the bathroom, she undressed and waited for him completely naked on the desk. When she saw her he didn’t knew how to react, but she got in charge of the situation and took care of everything, just like the girls from firstanalquest videos. She took off his pants and started pleasing his hard cock and didn’t want to stop until she got all the cum out of it.


Then she got his hard cock stuffed in her juicy pussy deeper and deeper. She didn’t expect an old guy to be so great in bed. So they continued all day long, he forgot what it’s like to fuck an younger babe, but he sure enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy it too and we’ll see you next time with more!

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