In this article I am explaining who are the Punjab Haryana farmers demonstrating at Delhi’s borders? They are all Punjab farmers, but not in India. The farmer in India is called the cultivator or the farm owner, and the farmer in Punjab is called the farmer or the laborer. The difference between the two is that the laborer in India gets paid according to the produce he or she has produced. Whereas, the farmer in Punjab gets paid according to the yield he or she has produced.

Why do these farmers from Punjab, a state that claims to be backward in so many ways, want to protest the state government of India? The answer to that question is very simple. The farmers in Punjab are not only farmers. They are also workers or wage earners who depend on the government for their day to day survival. If they are denied the right to earn their wages, then their survival is at risk.

Earlier, the Punjab farmers did not have any share in the economic growth of the country. But, now due to mechanization and improved irrigation techniques, the economy of the country has been improving steadily. The state is now fighting to become a major player in the food chain. The main problem that the farmers face is lack of job prospects. The reason for that is that there has been no investment in the agricultural sectors and so the farmers have been left behind.

The state government is trying to help the farmers by offering scholarships, loans and other financial aids. However, the problem is the local farmers are not able to accept or even to get a loan from the state government. Lack of proper financial resources makes it difficult for them to get grants. This is why the state government needs to come out with a financial plan that will help the state finances improve.

The main reason behind the success or failure of any industry or business is how well are the people educated. Punjab is known to have one of the best educated workforce. This explains why the farmers of the state are surviving. Punjab is trying hard to improve its agriculture sector so that it can be able to provide better jobs for the farmers.

If you want to know who are the Punjab haryana farmers then you need to look at the recent past. If you go back to the early 80s, the state was struggling with poverty. However, the government has changed and has started introducing new policies that are encouraging the local farmers to earn their livelihood again. Farmers are now getting a good amount of support from the state government that allows them to make a living off their own farms.

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