How to Fuck Strangers with Your Eyes

Passionate Sex

When it comes to romantic exploits, your eyes play a very important role. They are the aspect that goes a long way towards expressing desires and feelings. In most cases, sex starts with foreplay. However, there is a form of sex that is quite energetic and mind blowing but non-penetrative. This is known as eye fucking. Eye fucking is a type of passionate sex that occurs between strangers.

In eye fucking, partners feel an instant attraction that seems to draw them closer to each other. The feeling intensifies when you meet up. While you are not physically in each other’s arms, you both feel a great sensation run through your minds and bodies. The feeling compares to that of an actual intercourse. Though looks can be deceiving, individuals stare at each other directly while fucking with eyes.

Here are tricks on how to fuck strangers with your eyes:  

The Initial Glance

Before start eye fucking, take a close look at the other person to be sure that they can fulfill your desires. You can either look at them directly from a distance or take glimpses from the corner of your eyes if they are close to you. Also look at your surroundings.

Closing the Distance

After the initial glance, secure a vantage point by moving closer to the person or giving them some space in case you feel discomfort. Make sure that you and the other person are close to each other and in line of sight.

The Second Glance

Once you’ve identified a cute partner and ideal position for eye fucking, grab their attention. If your eyes meet, take a little longer to maintain eye contact. If you catch the person looking at you during the second glance, it’s your lucky day.

Take the Initiative

Gather up courage and direct your gaze in the person’s eyes. Hold it long enough so that the other person can notice you. An easy way to disarm a stranger is smiling at them. But, if you can, unleash a seductive look. Mind the reaction of the person for clues on whether to keep going or change strategy.

Use Posture and Body Language

In addition to your smile, use your body language. Boys should adopt postures that show gentleness and confidence. Girls on the other hand should try hair flicking and lip biting.

Make an Approach

If both of you enjoy the eye fucking experience, consider taking it a notch higher. Make a move on the partner that you are interested in.

Be confident and let things flow naturally to enjoy fucking strangers with your eyes.

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